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Sunday, March 8, 2015

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Biblewheel ==> 1Samuel (The 9th Book of the 1st Cycle of the Biblewheel, 9th Book Overall)

Here is the table format of the diagram of the innerwheel of 1Samuel's 31 chapters. The 1st column displays the 22 spokes as in the spokes of a wheel. The 2nd column are the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet associated to the spokes. And the other 2 columns are the 2 cycles of chapters of 1Samuel.

I will illustrate the pages of the innerwheel of 1Samuel as (1Samuel Xy) where X is the spoke number and y is the cycle. For example:

1Samuel 1 is (1Samuel 11) because it's the 1st chapter of the 1st cycle.

On the other hand:

1Samuel 25 is (1Samuel 32) because it's the 3rd chapter of the 2nd cycle.

The Innerwheel of 1Samuel in a Table Format
Spokes as in the spokes of a wheel - The innerwheel of 1Samuel The Hebrew Alphabetic Letter Related to Each Spoke The 1st Cycle of the Innerwheel of 1Samuel expressed as (1Samuel X1) Where X represents the Spoke and the subscript is the Cycle The 2nd Cycle of the Innerwheel of 1Samuel expressed as (1Samuel X2) Where X represents the Spoke and the subscript is the Cycle
Spoke 1 א - Aleph 1Samuel 1 (1Samuel 11)

(Hannah and Penninah) compared with the 1st book of their Cycle: Genesis (Sarah, Hagar, Leah Rachel), Isaiah (the virgin birth of Emmanuel).

Also Matthew 1 (Mary) and Luke 1 (Mary, Elisabeth).
1Samuel 23
(1Samuel 12)
Spoke 2 ב - Beith 1Samuel 2
(growth of Samuel)
(1Samuel 21)
compared with the 2nd Book Exodus (growth of Moses).

Also Matthew 2 and Luke 2 (growth of Jesus).
1Samuel 24
(1Samuel 22)
Spoke 3 גֹ - Gimel 1Samuel 3
(the calling of Samuel)
(1Samuel 31)
compared with the 3rd Book Leviticus (the calling of Moses from the tabernacle).

Also Genesis 3 (the calling of Adam), Exodus 3 (the calling of Moses), Hebrews 3 (our calling).
1Samuel 25
(lamentation of Samuel)
(1Samuel 32)
compared with the 25th Book Lamentations.

Also Jeremiah 25.
Spoke 4 ר - Daleth 1Samuel 4
(in the wilderness)
(1Samuel 41)
compared with the 4th Book Numbers (in the wilderness).
1Samuel 26
(David in the wilderness)
(1Samuel 42)
compared with the 4th Book Numbers (Israel in the wilderness).
Spoke 5 ה - Hey 1Samuel 5
(Ark brought to the Philistines)
(1Samuel 51)
compared with the 5th Book Deuteronomy and the 5th Book of the 2nd Cycle Daniel (vessels brought to Babylon).
1Samuel 27
(1Samuel 52)
Spoke 6 ו - Vav 1Samuel 6
(field of Joshua)
(1Samuel 61)
compared with the 6th Book Joshua (the name Joshua).

Also 2Samuel 6 (the ark carried on oxen), Revelation 6 (who is able to stand before this Holy LORD?).
1Samuel 28
(1Samuel 62)
Spoke 7 ז - Zayin 1Samuel 7
(forsaking/serving Baal and Ashteroth)
(1Samuel 71)
compared with the 7th Book Judges (forsaking/serving Baal and Ashteroth), Joel (turn with all your hearts).
1Samuel 29
(pitched in Jezreel)
(1Samuel 72)
compared with the 7th Book Judges (pitched in Jezreel).
Spoke 8 חֹ - Chet 1Samuel 8
(It came to pass when the judges, Samuel's sons ruled + God will rule over you)
(1Samuel 81)
compared with the 8th Book Ruth (It came to pass when the judges ruled + Elimelech means "God is king").

Also Judges 8 (God will rule over you).
1Samuel 30
(Amalekites burned Ziklag with fire and taken women captive including David's wives)
(1Samuel 82)
compared with the 30th Book Amos (burning cities with fire and taking women captive).
Spoke 9 ט - Tet 1Samuel 9
(Introduction to Saul)
(1Samuel 91)

compared with the 9th Book 1Samuel (introduction to Samuel)
1Samuel 31
(Saul commits suicide)
(1Samuel 92)
compared with the 9th Book 1Samuel
(as a whole there was an evil spirit in Saul who wanted to kill David) (Chapter 9 was the beginning and 31 is the end of Saul)

Also Judges 9 (God put an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem, Abimelech commits suicide);

2Kings 9 Jezebel is slain as well as the kings of Israel and Judah.
Spoke 10 י - Yod 1Samuel 10
(hand of the oppressors + bringing present)
(1Samuel 101)
compared with the 10th Book 2Samuel (Moabites and Syrians brought presents to David).

Also Genesis 32 (Genesis 102) (Jacob bringing presents to Esau), Judges 10 (hand of the oppressors Philistines) 1Kings 10 (bringing present to Solomon).
Spoke 11 כ - Kaf 1Samuel 11
(the Spirit came upon Saul) (1Samuel 111)
compared with the 11th book (1st resurrection by Elijah).

Also in
Numbers 11 (the Spirit came upon Medad and Eldad);
Judges 11 (the Spirit came upon Jephthah);
Ezekiel 11 (the Spirit came upon Ezekiel);
John 11 (resurrection of Lazarus);
Acts 11 (the Spirit came upon the Gentiles) and
Revelation 11 (the Spirit came upon the 2 witnesses and they are resurrected).
Spoke 12 ל - Lamed 1Samuel 12
(1Samuel 121)
Spoke 13 מ - Mayim 1Samuel 13
(1Samuel 131)
Spoke 14 נ - Nun 1Samuel 14
(1Samuel 141)
Spoke 15 ס - Samek 1Samuel 15
(1Samuel 151)
Spoke 16 ע - Ayin 1Samuel 16
(1Samuel 161)
Spoke 17 פ - Peh 1Samuel 17
(1Samuel 171)
Spoke 18 צ - Tzaddei 1Samuel 18
(1Samuel 181)
Spoke 19 ק - Qof 1Samuel 19
(1Samuel 191)
Spoke 20 ר - Reish 1Samuel 20
(1Samuel 201)
Spoke 21 שׁ - Shin 1Samuel 21
(1Samuel 211)
Spoke 22 ת - Tav 1Samuel 22
(1Samuel 221)

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