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Sunday, June 8, 2014


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Here is the table format of the diagram of the innerwheel of 1Samuel's 31 chapters. The 1st column displays the 22 spokes as in the spokes of a wheel. The 2nd column are the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet associated to the spokes. And the other 2 columns are the 2 cycles of chapters of 1Samuel.

I will illustrate the pages of the innerwheel of 1Samuel as (1Samuel Xy) where X is the spoke number and y is the cycle. For example:

1Samuel 1 is (1Samuel 11) because it's the 1st chapter of the 1st cycle.

On the other hand:

1Samuel 25 is (1Samuel 32) because it's the 3rd chapter of the 2nd cycle.

The Innerwheel of 1Samuel in a Table Format
Spokes as in the spokes of a wheel - The innerwheel of 1Samuel The Hebrew Alphabetic Letter Related to Each Spoke The 1st Cycle of the Innerwheel of 1Samuel expressed as (1Samuel X1) Where X represents the Spoke and the subscript is the Cycle The 2nd Cycle of the Innerwheel of 1Samuel expressed as (1Samuel X2) Where X represents the Spoke and the subscript is the Cycle
Spoke 1 א - Aleph 1Samuel 1 (1Samuel 11)
  • Hannah, Penninah.
Compared with the 1st book of their Cycle: Genesis (Bible 11):
  • Sarah, Hagar;
  • Leah, Rachel.
Isaiah (Bible 12):
  • the virgin birth of Emmanuel.

Also in the innerwheels of Matthew 1 (Matthew 11):
  • Mary;
Luke 1 (Luke 11):
  • Mary, Elisabeth.
1Samuel 23
(1Samuel 12)
  • David encouraged to strengthen his weak hands.
Compared to Isaiah (Bible 12):
  • encourages to strengthen weak hands.
Spoke 2 ב - Beith
  • means house
1Samuel 2 (1Samuel 21)
  • growth of Samuel;
  • mentioning of Egypt.
  • house of Pharaoh
Compared with the 2nd Book Exodus:
  • growth of Moses.
Also in the innerwheels of Matthew 2 (Matthew 21):
  • Bethlehem - means house of bread;
  • flee to Egypt.
Luke 2 (Luke 21):
  • growth of Jesus.
1Samuel 24
(1Samuel 22)
  • David's heart is smitten that he decided not to kill Saul when he had the chance;
  • he stooped and bowed
  • before Saul the king;
Compared to 2Samuel 24 (2Samuel 22):
  • David's heart is smitten that he numbered Israel;
  • Araunah stooped and bowed before David the king.
Also in Isaiah 46 (Isaiah 23):
  • Isaiah 46
    1 Bel boweth down, Nebo stoopeth, their idols were upon the beasts, and upon the cattle: your carriages were heavy loaden; they are a burden to the weary beast.
    2 They stoop, they bow down together; they could not deliver the burden, but themselves are gone into captivity.
Spoke 3 גֹ - Gimel 1Samuel 3 (1Samuel 31)
  • the calling of Samuel
1Samuel 3
4 That the LORD called (וַיִּקְרָא - VaYiKRA) Samuel: and he answered, Here [am] I.
VaYiKRA is the name of the 3rd book we also know as Leviticus. It's the first word of the book in Hebrew. This word which means "called" is maximized in 1Samuel 3.

Compared with the 3rd Book Leviticus (Bible 31):
  • the calling of Moses from the tabernacle.
Also in the innerwheels of
Genesis 3 (Genesis 31):
  • the calling of Adam;
Exodus 3 (Exodus 31):
  • the calling of Moses;
Hebrews 3 (Hebrews 31):
  • our calling.
1Samuel 25 (1Samuel 32)
  • lamentation of Samuel
  • the Lord pleading the cause of Nabal
Compared with the 25th Book Lamentations:

  • Lamentations 3:58 O Lord, thou hast pleaded the causes of my soul; thou hast redeemed my life.

Also Jeremiah 25:
  • Jeremiah 25:33 And the slain of the LORD shall be at that day from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth: they shall not be lamented (סָפַד caphad), neither gathered, nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground.
Spoke 4 ד - Daleth 1Samuel 4 (1Samuel 41)
  • in the wilderness (בַּמִּדְבָּֽר - BaMiDBaR) is mentioned in this chapter and is the title of the 4th book of the bible, since it is the 1st word in Hebrew, also known as Numbers.
Also in the innerwheels of
Matthew 4 (Matthew 41):
  • Jesus is tempted in the wilderness;
Luke 4 (Luke 41):
  • Jesus is tempted in the wilderness;
1Samuel 26
(1Samuel 42)
  • David in the wilderness sending spies on Saul.

Compared with the 4th Book Numbers:
  • Israel in the wilderness;
  • Moses sends spies.
and Ezekiel:
  • where God reminds Israel of their coming out of Egypt in the wilderness.
Spoke 5 ה - Hey 1Samuel 5 (1Samuel 51)
  • Ark brought to the Philistines
Compared with the 5th Book of the 2nd Cycle
Daniel (Bible 52)
  • vessels brought to Babylon.
1Samuel 27
(1Samuel 52)
  • David in the Philistines
1Samuel 5 (1Samuel 51):
  • Ark of the Covenant in the Philistines.
Spoke 6 ו - Vav 1Samuel 6 (1Samuel 61)
  • field of Joshua

compared with the 6th Book Joshua (the name Joshua).

Also in the innerwheels of
2Samuel 6 (2Samuel 61):
  • the ark carried on oxen;
Revelation 6 (Revelation 61) and the 6th Seal (Seal 61):
  • who is able to stand before this Holy LORD?
1Samuel 28
(1Samuel 62)
  • Samuel is summoned at the house of the witch of Endor;
  • end of Saul as king;
  • Israel gathered for war against the Philistines.
Also in Hosea (Bible 62):
  • Israel gathered for war.
Spoke 7 ז - Zayin 1Samuel 7 (1Samuel 71)
  • forsaking/serving Baal and Ashteroth
Compared with the 7th Book Judges (Bible 71):
  • forsaking/serving Baal and Ashteroth.
Compared with the 29th Book Joel (Bible 72):
  • turn with all your hearts.
1Samuel 29
(1Samuel 72)
  • pitched in Jezreel.

Compared with the 7th Book Judges:
  • pitched in Jezreel.
Spoke 8 חֹ - Chet 1Samuel 8 (1Samuel 81)
  • It came to pass when the judges, Samuel's sons ruled + God will rule over you
Compared with the 8th Book Ruth (Bible 81):
  • It came to pass when the judges ruled + Elimelech means "God is king".
Also Judges 8 (Judges 81):
  • God will rule over you.
Notice that the 8th chapters of the 7th and 9th books say that God will reign/rule over you. But the 8th Book Ruth Neomie's husband's name Elimelech reveals that God is king.
1Samuel 30
(1Samuel 82)
  • Amalekites burned Ziklag with fire and taken women captive including David's wives

Compared with the 30th Book Amos:
  • burning cities with fire and taking women captive.
Spoke 9 ט - Tet 1Samuel 9 (1Samuel 91)

  • Introduction to Saul

Compared with the 9th Book 1Samuel (1Samuel 91):
  • introduction to Samuel - since 1Samuel is the 9th book and chapters 1-8 reflect books 1-8 which are Genesis - Ruth. Chapter 9 reopens the introduction not of Samuel, but of Saul.
1Samuel 31
(1Samuel 92)
  • Saul commits suicide
Compared with the 9th Book 1Samuel:

  • as a whole there was an evil spirit in Saul who wanted to kill David;
  • 1Samuel 9 was the beginning and 31 is the end of Saul.

Also Judges 9 (Judges 91) :
  • God put an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem, Abimelech commits suicide;
2Kings 9 (2Kings 91) :
  • Jezebel is slain as well as the kings of Israel and Judah.
Spoke 10 י - Yod 1Samuel 10 (1Samuel 101)
  • hand of the oppressors + bringing presents

Compared with the 10th Book (2Samuel 101):
  • Moabites and Syrians brought presents to David.

Also Genesis 32 (Genesis 102):
  • Jacob bringing presents to Esau;
Judges 10 (Judges 101):
  • hand of the oppressors Philistines
1Kings 10 (1Kings 101):
  • bringing present to Solomon.
Spoke 11 כ - Kaf 1Samuel 11
(1Samuel 111)
  • the Spirit came upon Saul

Compared with the 11th book 1Kings (1Kings 111):
  • 1st resurrection by Elijah.
Numbers 11 (Numbers 111):
  • the Spirit came upon Medad and Eldad;
Judges 11 (Judges 111):
  • the Spirit came upon Jephthah;
Ezekiel 11 (Ezekiel 111):
  • the Spirit came upon Ezekiel;
John 11 (John 111):
  • resurrection of Lazarus;

Acts 11 (Acts 111):
  • the Spirit came upon the Gentiles
and Revelation 11 (Revelation 111):
  • the Spirit came upon the 2 witnesses and they are resurrected.
Spoke 12 ל - Lamed 1Samuel 12 (1Samuel 121)
  • God bringing fathers out of Egypt;
Compared with the 12th book 2Kings (2Kings 211):
  • God bringing fathers out of Egypt.
Spoke 13 מ - Mayim 1Samuel 13
(1Samuel 131)
  • Kingdom established for ever.
Compared with the 13th book 1Chronicles (Bible 131):
  • Kingdom established for ever.
Spoke 14 נ - Nun 1Samuel 14
(1Samuel 141)
  • enemies killing each other in Saul's time.
Compared with the 14th book 2Chronicles (Bible 141):
  • enemies killing each other in Jehoshaphat's time.
Spoke 15 ס - Samek 1Samuel 15
(1Samuel 151
Spoke 16 ע - Ayin 1Samuel 16
(1Samuel 161
Spoke 17 פ - Peh 1Samuel 17
(1Samuel 171
Spoke 18 צ - Tzaddei 1Samuel 18
(1Samuel 181
Spoke 19 ק - Qof 1Samuel 19
(1Samuel 191
Spoke 20 ר - Reish 1Samuel 20
(1Samuel 201
Spoke 21 שׁ - Shin 1Samuel 21
(1Samuel 211
Spoke 22 ת - Tav 1Samuel 22
(1Samuel 221

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