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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Proof That God Inspired The 66 Books In This Order

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Scholars would debate whether or not certain books should be added or deleted from the bible believing that they don't agree with the rest of the Books and chapters.

But through the biblewheel this can now be proven that the 66 books fit well in their place.

One reason is that each spoke consisting of books from the 3 cycles being grouped together such as Genesis/Isaiah/Romans are well read together.

Another reason is that Isaiah consisting of 66 chapter and considered to be a miniature bible divided into 39 chapters and 27 chapters just like the bible are well read with their proportional book or spoke.

Such as Isaiah 40 is fulfilled in book 40 chapter 3's John the Baptist!

The 3rd reason I can think of is if the order of books are linked thematically and numerically with the numbers part of the text.

The most obvious is the 14th day of the first month being passover and 2Chronicles being the 14th book where Hezekiah celebrated the biggest passover. Passover is also mentioned in the 14th Epistle Hebrews.

I will keep you posted everytime I write an article. I appreciated your interest and comments even if you don't agree. I hope to hear from you!!!